About us

Dear customers!
Maxilite AG is a Swiss based company specialised in sourcing, trading and developing accessories and spare parts for classic cars. Our core competence is wheels, we offer a wide range of products which are constantly revised and new products are added.
We trust that you will find what you need for your classic car. If you have any other needs we would be pleased to help you out and trust that thanks to our experience and contacts we will be able to find the correct solutions for your classic car. Just send us an email, we would be pleased to assist you.

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When ordering our products please take into consideration the legal requirements of your country concerning the fitment of wheels to your car, get the wheels installed only by a professional company and tighten the wheel bolts/nuts after 50km of driving to the torque recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Prices include VAT as well as shipping costs to all continental countries of the European Union, England and Switzerland. For shipping costs to islands within the European Union and all other countries please let us quote individually.

Information concerning the fitment of our wheels refers to cars of orginal manufacturers specifications, i.e. cars withou modified brakes, body parts, suspensions etc.